How to Manage Output Settings

You have a couple of options when managing your output rules and emails. You can set both up and the first will be your default and the second will take precedence where applicable.

  1. You can set output rules by Document (Attachment for Document Output Settings)

    • Go to Application and User Management > Input and Output Management View > Output Channel Selection Subview
    • You then select a document that you would like to set the rules for by clicking on the drop-down. If you don't see the document that you're looking for, it may not be in scope and you'll need to add it in the Business Config WoC.
    • Most Documents you will have the choice between Email, Fax, and Printer; however, some (like a Delivery Note) restrict you to only one option of Printer
    • You will then add the parameters of the rule and save
    • You may add more than one rule where applicable
    • If both rules are relevant the first one listed takes priority in an output situation
  2. You may set Customer specific output rules. These rules will override the default rules put in place above where applicable. (Attachments for Account Output Settings)

    • Go to Account Management WoC > Accounts View
    • Identify an account and 'Edit' Communication
    • Navigate to the Communication Tab > Collaboration Subtab
    • You can set one rule that applies to all documents for that Account by selecting the 'Use for All Business Documents' checkbox, and select the preferred Output
    • You may also define output rules for each document independently for that Account only (refer to attachment 2)

For further help you can always use the Help Center Documentation

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