ByDesign - How to Adjust Active Users and User Subscriptions (Licenses and Permissions) - Addressing use license overages, based on contract restrictions

If the number of active users exceeds the number of licensed users, we must either adjust the number of users assigned to work centers by copying access rights from other users (screenshot attached), adjusting access with work centers or views to limit higher cost license thresholds, or request additional user licenses, in order to stay in compliance with SAP.

To adjust the number of active Business Users and free up user licenses for compliance, go to "Application and User Management" work center > User and Access Management > Business Users > Click the 'Edit' button and select 'Attributes' > Valid From/To Date - Change this to the day before today as the end date > Make a Check in the 'Lock User' checkbox > Click the 'Save' button at the top (screenshot attached). 

The Business User will remain in the User list, but should no longer show as being assigned a license in 'Service Control Center' work center (screenshot attached).

In order to see a summary of the functionality available for each user subscription or license type, please select the "Help Center" in By Design and search "user license" or "user subscription" to quickly locate the "User Subscriptions Quick Guide" for more detailed information on each type (screenshot attached below).  

To request more user subscriptions, contact your SAP Business By Design representative, who is your assigned Account Manger at Navigator Business Solutions - your SAP partner.

We hope this helps you in staying in compliance with user licenses and your planned budget costs.

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