By Design - How to Setup Printing by a Dedicated User, setup Print Queues, and Configure output Channel.

We need to be sure that we setup a printer in SAP By Design, and that we setup the target printer to be selected for that print queue. The printing is based on the collaboration window in By Design and/or the SAP Business By Design Print Manager application being setup on a server that is always available, and this is usually setup by an administrator with permissions to access these areas and work centers.

The default printing set up of SAP Business By Design requires that each employee who is responsible for the output of a document is also responsible for manually printing the document. The employee can print the document to any printer available from their local computer, for example, a local printer or any network printer for which they are authorized. Each employee can access his or her documents from the Home work center, work view, and manual print tasks sub-view.

I have attached a screen shot of instructions to help you in setting up printing for a dedicated user in By Design for your review below. This will need to be done by a key user that has administrative access in By Design to set you up. The instructions are listed in the attachment to assist you.

Here are part of those instructions from the attachment to better assist you in getting to the right location:

  • Application and User Management (work center) > Input and Output Management > Print Queues, setup new print queue, and use "Central printing by a Dedicated User."

  • Application and User Management (work center) > Input and Output Management > Output Channel Selection. Output channel rules can be created here.

This information should assist you with printing very quickly from SAP By Design.


There are two common issues things that we should check first if printing was previously working and stopped working:

1) Need to ensure that the password associated with the print queue and print manager hasn't been changed. That needs to be the same password or that would cause printing to stop too.

2) We need to have your IT or Tech Support Team to look at the server
computer that is always on and running, and check the SAP Business By Design Print Manger application is running with its background services. That may have
stopped running. We would also ensure that it is still logged in and running first on the server computer.

This is the first place that you will want to look, and this should get the tasks printing again from By Design.

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