By Design - How to change the MRP (Material Requirements Planning) configuration on each material product for whether that is consumption planning, demand planning, or manual setup

MRP (Material Requirements Planning) reacts to any source or any type of demands, whether that is consumption planning, demand planning, or manual setup. We also call consumption based planning the reorder point criteria for inventory.

This can be modified by specific settings within By Design to accommodate for consumption planning as you have requested.

First, we need to get you to the right place by following this process:

Work Center Product Data > Materials View > Materials Sub-view > Material (choose one) > View All (button at top right corner) > Planning (Tab) > Planning (section below) > Drop down menu (You may choose the options for Demand-Driven Planning, Consumption Planning, and Manual Planning).

Also lot size and other settings are there also in the drop down to the right.

This information should answer your questions about MRP being able to do which ever planning you would like for each type of material product being used.  There is an example screenshot attached below of how this would look in By Design.

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