By Design - How to Review User Subscriptions and Licenses for "use license overages" based on contract restrictions.

This is to show you how to reach the area in By Design to see the licenses through the Service Control Center. This will require higher level of access with the "key user access" (SCM - Supply Chain Management) permissions to get to the "Service Control Center" work center.


You can display your subscriptions by user type. To do this, select "User Type" from the "Group By" drop-down list box, and click the "Go" button.


There are seven types of user subscriptions listed here:

SAP Documentation

     • Standard Self-Service User (Lowest Level User)
     • Project Manager Self-Service User
     • SCM Self-Service User
     • Standard Enterprise User 
     • CRM Sales Team User
     • Project Management Team User
     • SCM Standard Enterprise User (Highest Level User)

In order to see a summary of the functionality available for each user subscription or license type, please select the "Help Center" in By Design and search "user license" or "user subscription" to quickly locate the "User Subscriptions Quick Guide" for more detailed information on each type.
To display information on your user descriptions, click the drop down list beside "show" to display information by the following criteria:
     • Current Month
     • Last Month
     • Last 6 months
You can further group the information by selecting "User Type" from the "Group By" drop-down list box. The default setting is "None," in which case the most recently updated subscriptions are displayed first.
Check the number of "Licensed Users" against the number of "Active Users." If the number of active users exceeds the number of licensed users, this will be indicated by a red traffic light under the "Status" column. The number of excess users is detailed in the "Over Usage" column.
You can display a list of all users that are assigned to a user type. If you click on the user ID, the system displays the Business User fact sheet. In the fact sheet, you can see which work center views are assigned to that business user. You can also remove assignments to work centers that the business user does not need.
To get more information on what to do if you if the number of active users exceeds the number of licensed users, select the row where there is over usage, and information is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
It is a joint effort with Navigator and SAP to make sure you are in compliance, since you are contractually compliant to only use licenses allotted to you.
You can work with your account manager, should you be in an "Over Usage," where you are using more licenses than you should.
Your account manager will contact you, when you are found to be in an "Over Usage" status within a timely manner, since this is monitored by Navigator and SAP.




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