Production View - I want to assign State IDs to all of my plants

1.  Access Serial/Batch Number Management

Inventory -> Item Management -> Item Serial/Batch Numbers -> Serial/Batch Number Management.



2. Define Parameters

a. Ex: Enter Strain ID(s) into “Item No. From” field

- Leave this field blank to display all strain.

b. Define Documents to be displayed - only plants on the selected documents will be displayed in the report.

- Common documents relevant for assigning State IDs are Goods Receipt POs and Goods Receipts 



3. Select Document

a. Select document for updating

- Ex: We brought in 30 plants via the Inventory Intake Wizard.  This transaction is reflected in row 1.  We can select the golden arrow next to PD 26 to view this document

4. Global Update 

    1. We can see via the Mfr Serial No. field that these plants do not yet have State IDs assigned
    2. To assign State IDs to these plants, select the Global Update button

a. The State ID for serial-managed plants is stored on the Mfr Serial No. field 

b. The State ID for batch-managed plants is stored in the Batch Attribute 1 field

- Select the ellipsis next to this field.


5. Automatic String Creation

a. Define State IDs to be assigned

- Ex: Our plants will all begin with the string “25WER4556B” followed by a numerical value, beginning at 01 and automatically increasing by a value of 1 for each following plant.

 b. When finished, press OK, and then Update the Serial Number Global Updates window 


6.  View State IDs created

    1. We can see that State IDs have been assigned to all plants on our Goods Receipt PO
    2. Click Update to save changes
    3. Repeat process as needed
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