Setting up your users

Managing users in Loxodo


Login to the Loxodo Admin portal with the admin user you created during company registration.


After you are logged into the system you will be presented with a menu on the left side of the screen.  Select from this menu to access the user management features in Loxodo.  In Loxodo Users are maintained separately per tenant so you first need to select the tenant you wish to assign the users to.  This is done on the top left 



Adding a New User

Click the button on the top left  will bring up the form to add a new user.

Enter your user's name (Username), Email Password and select the User type you want to assign this user.  There are 2 different user types in Loxodo, a Super User and a Standard user.

  • Super User: Has the ability to manage all warehouse operations by releasing and creating tasks, monitoring and editing documents as well as setting up and managing the warehouse setup and settings.
  • Standard User: Access to the mobile application, and the ability to Complete and process tasks.

After you have clicked the  this user will be available in that tenant and will show up in the list. Where you can enable or disable that user.







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