Update a Crystal Report Layout from Business One

Open the document in Business One that you wish to update the layout for and select the Layout Designer icon from the toolbar.

Select the layout you would like to update and click the "Manage Layout" button.

You can further select the specific layout you wish to update and then click the "Edit" button to open the layout in the Crystal Report designer. (This must be done on a workstation or server with the Crystal Report software installed).

You can then make your edits to your Crystal Report layout as needed. Then you can verify the database connection and fix any tables as needed.

To do this click "Database" and select "Verify Database"

Login to your SAP Server with the appropriate credentials. (Contact your administrator for connection details, or Navigator Support for your Cloud connection details). Then click Finish.

Once completed, you can save the report/layout back to Business One by clicking the "Add-ins" menu and selecting "SAP Business One" then Save or Save As.

At this point you may be asked for your SAP Business One username and password to login.




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