Time Zone Incorrect in SAP Business One

Error: Time displayed at the bottom of the SAP window is not in the same time zone. 



  1. Go to Administration -> System Initialization -> General Settings -> Display Tab. 
  2. Check the box for “Manage Company Time” if not already checked. 
  3. This will add a new tab labeled Time Zone.time_zone_1.png
  4. Go to the Time Zone tab. 
  5. Select the Time Zone that the company is in.
    • Note: this change applies to all users so it should be the time zone that the company is in.
  6. Check the Daylight Saving Time box if you are currently in daylight saving time.
    • Note: Once daylight savings has ended you will need to uncheck the box to update the time change.
  7. Click Updatetime_zone_2.png
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