Main Menu Missing Options

Error: Your SAP Business One Main Menu is missing options that you need



Note: There are two areas you will want to check if you are having this issue. 


  1. Click on the main menu, then click on the form settings icon.main_menu_options_1.png
  2. Check all the boxes for the options that you want visible on your main menu. 
  3. You can use the Expand and Collapse All to show each individual option on the menu as well. 
  4. Click Update once all boxes are checked for the options you want visible.main_menu_options_2.png
  5. If you still are missing anything you will want to check your user’s authorizations. 
  6. Only Power Users can access user’s authorizations so if you are not a power user (professional license needed) then you will want to check with a manager who has that access. 
  7. Go to Administration -> System Initialization -> Authorizations -> General Authorizations. 
  8. Make sure that your user has access to options you are looking for. 
  9. Click Update main_menu_options_3.png
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