Multiple Login Errors - SAP Hosted

Note: This helps with multiple login errors as well as ending sessions for stuck or frozen sessions. 

Error: You cannot log on from this station because you are connected from two other stations



  1. Log in to the SAP Hosted Portal:
  2. Click on the SU-9310-17 Folder                                                      multiple_logins_SAP_2.png
  3. Click on the Close Existing Sessions icon.                                  multiple_logins_SAP_3.png
  4. This will download a remote session, click to open that download. 
  5. Connect to the remote sessionmultiple_logins_SAP_4.png
  6. Log in with your credentials and click OK
  7. The session will load and then close/sign your user out of any open session. 
  8. Once that closes out, you can then click on the SAP Business One icon and connect.
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