Restore / Refresh database in Microsoft SQL Manager

Hello, in this article I will go over how to restore / refresh a database from a backup. This is helpful if you are restoring production database or refreshing a sandbox. 

This is handled through Microsoft SQL Manager and not generally supported by Navigator or SAP. 

The following article by Microsoft explains how to do it;

If you have the following error while working on it:






The Solution:

  1. Set the path to restore the file.
  2. Click "Options" on the left hand side.
  3. Uncheck "Take tail-log backup before restoring"
  4. Tick the check box - "Close existing connections to destination database".
  5. Click OK.

*You will need to use a different name for the database if a previous version exists. You can choose to overwrite an existing database by going to the Options tab "Overwrite" image.png


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