ByDesign License Usage Overview

License consumption can be seen in your ByDesign tenant under the "Service Control Center - User Subscriptions" work center view.

There are seven types of user subscriptions, ranked from highest to lowest:

  • SCM Enterprise User
  • Standard Enterprise User
  • SCM Team User
  • Project Management Team User
  • CRM Sales Team User
  • Project Management Self Service User
  • SCM Self-Service User
  • Standard Self-Service User
The license used is dependent on the level of permissions assigned to the user. To reduce a license assigned to a user you must restrict their permissions from the "Application and User Management - Business Users" work center view. Editing a user's permissions from that view will list all possible permissions and the associated licenses.
From the "Service Control Center - User Subscriptions" view you can easily check the number of "Licensed Users" against the number of "Active Users." If the number of active users exceeds the number of licensed users, this will be indicated by a red traffic light under the "Status" column. The number of excess users is detailed in the "Over Usage" column:
Note that if you've recently purchased more licenses it can take up to 30 days for them to reflect properly in the system. As long as your Account Manager has confirmed the purchase there should be no concerns from a contractual perspective.
You can display a list of all users that are assigned to a user type by clicking the user type link, and export to Excel if needed:
If you'd like to export a list of all users you can select the "View All Users" button from the main work center view to get a full list:
It is a joint effort with Navigator and SAP to make sure you are in compliance, since you are contractually compliant to only use licenses allotted to you. You can work with your Account Manager if you're in an over usage state and would like to purchase more licenses.
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