Unable to print checks - Error = You cannot print checks while another user is accessing this checking account

When trying to print checks for payment, the following error message appears:

‘You cannot print checks while another user is accessing this checking account  [Message 854-35]’

You cannot select checks for printing in the Print checks for payment window and the selection option is grayed out.


Under Administration → Setup → Banking → House Bank Accounts, deselect Lock Checks Printing for the relevant bank accounts.


Note: In the following scenarios, check printing will be locked:

  1. When printing checks, the account will be locked for printing. Immediately after printing, the lock will be released.
  2. When the confirmation window opens, the account that appears in the window will be locked. The lock will be released upon closing the window.

The lock checks printing feature helps to prevent simultaneous printing/updating of checks for the same account by multiple users. Also, it avoids printing/confirming several checks under the same number.

The Lock Checks Printing column is visible in the House Bank Accounts - Setup window for super users only. It is possible for a super user to turn off the lock manually in cases of abnormal exit (for example, electricity shut down) while printing before the lock was released.

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