B1 Cloud via RDWeb Client

B1 Cloud via RDWeb Client

Connect to the Navigator Business One Cloud through the RDWeb Client.

This shows you how to connect to the Business One application via the RDWeb Client. This client is compatible with Windows and MacOS using the latest version of most major browsers.

There are limitations including the ability to upload and download files to and from Business One. If you need to do this please use the full Business One RDP RemoteApp client.

Printing in the RDWeb client will automatically print to a PDF file via the RDWeb client allowing you to save or print directly from your local computer.


  1. Browse to
  2. Select the RDWeb Client portal
  3. Login with your given username and password
  4. Click your SAP Business One icon
  5. Click Allow, to permit access to your local resources for printing and copy and paste operations.
  6. The application will open in a tab on the web page, you can select All Resources to go back to select another application if needed.


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