Missing menu modules

If you are missing a menu item from the main module menu, such as in this screenshot I'm missing the incoming payments to select from

1. Check the license for the use. A Professional and Limited Financial license would have access to this, but Limited Logistics or Limited CRM would not. 

2. If they have the correct license for the module they want to access, check authorizations. You will need to have your office manager with a Pro License check that as general users typically cannot give themselves authorizations

3. If they have full authorizations, When that user is logged on, click on the icon for form settings.mceclip0.png

Locate the Menu Module that needs to be included, put a checkmark in it.



Click on Apply Authorizations.

This will allow you to see the module now. 


* When a user does not have a license which allows for access to a module, or if authorizations are set not to permit it, even if the user turns on the module to be displayed, they WILL NOT be able to access the feature. 

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