Create Shipments with Shipping Easy


This article goes through the steps involved with creating a Shipment in Shipping Easy from a Sales Order in SAP Business One.


Shipping Easy Account

SAP Business One iConnect Add-On is Installed


1. Ensure User-Defined Fields are active: Tools>User-Defined Fields

2. Create a Sales Order and Set the UDF "Ship Order Sync" to Ready. 
* The default state is "Hold" which allows you to save the Sales Order without syncing it to Shipping Easy.

3. In iConnect, go to Shipping>ShippingEasy>Manual Sync, and perform a manual sync using "Sync All" (after you sync, the SO goes from Ready to Processed)


3. Login to Shipping Easy, then expand Shipping.

4. Select the Sales Order by adding a check mark to it, or by selecting Actions>Create Shipment, or by selecting Buy Label.

5. After a Shipment is created using any method outlined in Step 4, a Delivery is automatically created and related to the SO in SAP B1 with the tracking in the B1 document​​​ (you don't need to sync iConnect).

6. Print your label from Shipping Easy to use for your package.

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