Formatting search results

Hello, in this tutorial I’m going to cover formatting the results in an item search.

To demonstrate this, I’m going to pull up Item Master Data, and do a broad search for items. (DO *gin* search)

Ok, here are my results. What I wanted to demonstrate is this collapsible view that I have. This can be great to use if I want to isolate certain items.




But it can be a huge waste of time to have to go through and click to expand each one to see what the results are. You can click Expand all, but that leaves you with extra rows to have to sift through. Because this is a global setting in SAP, if you make changes, it affects everyone in your company who uses SAP.




To change the display of the results, I’m going to click on Form Settings. Here you see that I have a checkmark in the Group. That’s what causes it to display the results that way. If you take the check mark out it will display the results as a list.



You have to then run your search again to see the results.

That’s it for this tutorial.



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